Sally Barker

Sally Barker works with sculpture, installation, ceramics, printing, video, and performance. Her interests focus on power, control and damage across the distinct but connected areas of feminism and the environment. These themes are expressed through a strong emphasis on materials and process, often involving breaking down and de-construction.

“The sculptures in ‘Raw Edge’ are made by casting bras which are all donated to me via an ongoing call out for bras that have been used but are no longer wanted. The bras are cast several times within one piece to create a manipulated, extended form with an aggressive appearance, in contrast to the lacy, delicate detail. Open to interpretation, they could be large teeth, talons, part of a weapon, or perhaps have been excavated from an archaeological dig.

The Tooth or Claw collection is part of an ongoing body of work in sculpture and print, using bras and mens business suits, that explores, the representation of women in the contemporary context through the lens of feminism. The sculptures can be read as both objects from our past, questioning how much has changed, and as objects for forensic analysis suggesting criminality, offense, particularly in relation to violence against women and girls.  

“Exploring and re-presenting the female body, change, ageing, control & strength, this collection creates a new community of women – across ages and different life experiences.”