Gail Dooley

Gail Dooley

Gail Dooley is a sculptor who hand-builds with stoneware clay.

Work is then fired to a high temperature and finished with oxides and glazes. Each piece is unique.

After many years working as both a sign-writer and then antiques restorer in London, Gail went on to complete a ceramics degree at the University of Westminster, Harrow. Prior to this she worked in Guernsey where she still visits whenever possible and this deep engagement with the sea and its birds has gone some way in influencing her sculptures.

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Some aspects of my work are of a serious nature, concerning conservation and the survival of the animal kingdom, others appear more light hearted. All of it reflects the importance of our fellow creatures. I try to capture the beauty and character, the essence of the animal, rather than a direct representation.  To give the sculptures personalities of their own and let them speak for themselves.