Hannah Robson

About Hannah Robson

Hannah Robson is a weaver, interested in the spatial qualities of textiles: how they can affect and form space, change atmospheres, filter and reflect light. She is drawn to the technical intricacies of the loom, challenging its limitations and exploring how threads can escape the vertical and horizontal pathways and disrupt traditional woven constructions. She extends the range of possibilities beyond two-dimensions to create technically ambitious sculptural forms. Focusing on individual thread pathways through cloth, she finds opportunities for yarns to break away from woven grids, taking alternative routes through space.

Weaving is at the core of my work, everything I make is informed by the loom. To me, there is something magical about the process of framing an empty space and gradually filling it with threads. By the end, after some untangling and re-tangling, the connected threads form a whole which hangs together without the tension of the loom. It is intensely methodical and logical, and yet, so often, something unexpected happens on the loom, the materials and structures offer a surprise.  This combination of precision and the unexpected keeps me coming back!


Hannah works with materials which have inherent structural properties that can be exploited to create three-dimensional textile forms. She concentrates on the interplay between light and materials, exploring transparency, reflection and contrasts between matt and shine within surfaces and forms. The constructions are designed to enhance architectural spaces, drawing in light and softening hard lines of the built environment.


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