Ally Pulleyn


Ally Pulleyn’s work is borne out of her personal, visual, and emotional responses to the physical earth and the landscape within which we dwell. As a child, who was born on the North East coast, she had as much of an umbilical connection to the towering trees around her home as to the salty foam of the sea that washed the shores.

All the photographic images were taken be Pulleyn herself on a compact digital camera, some were spontaneous encounters and at other times she ventured out to a particular place or space to capture a composition that she believed would translate well onto clay.

As she endeavours to transfix alternative process photographic images onto unstable surfaces, Pulleyn uses experimental techniques and alchemy to create pieces of sculpture that imbue a vibrant, cool cobalt blue.

“Due to the fragile state of the chemicals used, I can often be found, mole like, in the dim light of the evening working away, as this is the optimum conditions with which to work.  The process has taken much time and effort in the actual making and at times, I’ve had setbacks in the development stages. There have been instances when I’ve likened my work to that of being a scientist, venturing into the unknown but with a hopeful outcome.”