Chloe Reynolds

Graduating from Leeds Arts University in 2017, Chloe Reynolds has returned to Leeds Arts University to do her Masters, she was awarded a scholarship for a free studio space for one year. In-between graduating and her MA, she has completed a handful of residencies such as ChaNorth in Upstate New York.

Chloe Reynolds is interested in how visual language can change through medium to medium, using family photographs as a source for her figurative paintings. She paints on a range of scales from 2m paintings to 10cm, from life size works to smaller more Intimate works that aim to lure the viewer in. She uses thick brush stokes to suggest the human form and gives careful consideration to the space between the figures, which helps to illuminate them. Through use of a vibrant colour pallet, she reconfigures/ or remodels the source material to bring it back to the present. The starting point, old family photographs go on a journey transformed through the creation of digital collages through to the final works, painting on canvas.

“I believe that we can learn a lot from the past, and by looking back we can move forward.”