Saira Baig

Saira Baig’s work brings together textiles, screen printing, linocut, and hand embroidery to distort and manipulate the natural forms of age rings created by trees, with some becoming almost unrecognisable. The artist has used these materials to represent the manipulation and damage of nature by humans. It is a commentary on how deforestation is destroying important ecosystems and how trees are being forced to adapt and live amongst us, stripping them of the connectivity and environments they need to thrive. 

Throughout this body of work, the artist has developed and strengthened her connections with nature. She has also gained a better understanding of the deep-rooted connections between trees and the networks they create to support each other, which is comparable to the way we as humans live.

“Trees are vital to our existence and can play a key part in climate change. Conversations around environmental conservation are more important than ever and we need to continue working together to create a better future.”