Amy Guo

About Amy Guo

Amy Guo is an experimental artist studying at the University of Leeds, working predominately in digital media. Her practice is focused on our relationship with digital technology and our perception of digital materials. Motivated by current events and issues, this is often explored in relation to the impact of Capitalism, and most recently, the Covid-19 pandemic. Digital materials are commonly seen as ephemeral and placeless, but they are embedded in physical infrastructures that occupy the same corporeal space as us. The physical space that digital materials inhabit is governed by the laws of its geographic location and owned by private corporations.

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We interact with these geopolitical spaces online every day, and often from the intimacy of our homes. Yet, we rarely think about the complexity behind it as the physical infrastructures are designed to be hidden. With the intention of helping us to think critically about digital technology, Guo disrupts our existing perception and expectation of it by intervening with easily recognisable digital interfaces using familiar mediums, such as video, photography, and projection. These artworks are sometimes imbued with a touch of humour to balance the seriousness of the subject matter.

Making my bed on photoshop