Cameron Lings

About Cameron Lings

The predominantly sculptural practice of Cameron Lings introduces contemporary issues and topics to visual artistic practice. Elements of space, form, texture, and material choice are utilised to represent the concept at hand. His work further combines attributes of modernism, minimalism, and brutalism, which while merging literal and abstract forms, also goes on to question our understanding of the expanding realm of sculpture and drawing.

Environmental relationships (and their ever-growing imbalances), influenced by human actions and desires, often materialize in his work. Cameron’s upbringing on the outskirts of Scunthorpe, a small industrious town, is repeatedly present in his work. This reveals itself through the questioning between man-made space and natural surroundings. He is intrigued how artificial and untouched environments can subjectively impact and relate to human behaviour, outlook, and attributes. Matters such as pollution and global warming are also prominent in his practice. Cameron finds these matters highly relevant internationally and describes them as ‘inescapable variables of life.’

Often, through his artistic practice, Cameron explores, dissects, and depicts contemporary matters, activity, and events within local and broader society. The Covid19 pandemic has re-formed his practice, leading to the realisation of the piece, ‘Intersections,’ which was created during the early stages of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Intersections depicts our newest ever-changing perception of social space. Social distancing and Isolation are phrases that we have been accustomed to. These bring into question, not the means of how we are to coexist with other humans but highlight the negative space between us. Two sculptures live among one another, and despite interacting and reacting between themselves, do not come into physical contact with one another. Likewise, the linear patterns on their surfaces, follow mirroring traits of maintaining distance. Represented here, is an example of how mutually respecting entities, become warped, distorted and stretched to their limits, to both exist and live as one.