Glen Ogden

About Glen Ogden

Glen Ogden is a Leeds based artist in the UK. He recently graduated from Leeds Arts University with a BA in Fine Art amidst the pandemic.  He works from his studio at Assembly House in Armley where he creates labour intensive durational performances; fuelled by satire, repetitive and futile actions.  Each linked through a fictional narrative. He creates sculpture as a condensed method to explore his own experiences and thoughts around the worker.

He explores social and political theory whilst conducting investigations into behavioural economics; to pose questions of whether money is, and should be, our only motivation in the workplace.

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I have a socially engaged practice that explores the role of the working man in historic and contemporary society, through performance and film – imbued with a sculptural understanding of space, time and locality. I seek to emphasise the work, rest, work, rest mantra of our time, through repetitive and cyclical structures that evidence the physical manifestation of humans as tools.