Jay Villacci

about Jay Villacci

Jay Villacci is studying at York St John University. His work is an exploration of life and explores how we interact with our surroundings, the relationship they both have and what unites the two. Initially starting out as a digital photographer, he found the world of digital photography too fast paced and apathetic. Adopting a film-based practice has allowed him to create naturalistic and emotional work. Film reduces the ability to heavily manipulate images, and its naturalistic vibe adds to the poetic style of image making which makes it the perfect tool for Villacci’s work process. Many of the themes he investigates reflect personal experiences and promote relatable feelings for the audience. Some of the themes he explores frequently include Nationalism, social and political unrest, and personal heritage.

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The works on display are taken from his ongoing photo project titled Alienation. His intent for the project is to convey a sense of abandonment and entrapment prevalent within our British Identity and the environment which surrounds us. Never has there been a time where the disconnect has felt so damaging, with a constant distance from the normality we so desire and a feared distance in our landscape’s departure from the EU. Keeping distance physically has led him to adapt his photographic style over the one-year course of producing work for this project. With his subjects being distant from his lens, he has been able to seize their presence in the surrounding environment. The full series is available in book form to purchase.

The project on display in Ones to Watch explores the relationship between the young members of the British public and how they interact and feel about the landscape of Britain at this current time. The social and political forces that press upon the country have a large effect on the the youth, especially in times where Brexit and COVID-19 have isolated the public to a larger extent. Our island has never felt more desolate than now.