Sarah Cawthray

About Sarah Cawthray

Currently studying at York College, Sarah Cawthray is an artist ceramicist inspired by nature. She sources her ideas whilst walking near her home on the North York Moors, at the coast and on holidays in the UK and Europe. Her love of the countryside and the outdoors has led her to engage in creating pieces for the garden which reflect the coast.

Each piece is unique, either hand built, press-moulded or slip cast and designed to fit perfectly with the environment surrounding it. Sarah uses coloured slip to make abstract marks and designs, aimed to connect the viewer with nature. She often uses household and found objects and expressive brush strokes to make detailed marks on her ceramics. In past projects, the book ‘Salt Path’ by Raynor Winn has been a starting point for her ideas and creativity and a visit to St Ives, a walk on the path and painting on the cliffs have also inspired her work.

For her current project, Sarah is particularly inspired by the East Coast of North Yorkshire. It is important to Sarah that each piece is not only looked at but also touched by the viewer. She uses clay slip and incorporates natural elements such as sand, rice, and seaweed to create rich pattern and texture heightening haptic response. Sarah’s investigations into shape, form and pattern aid her design of pieces to give the viewer a real sense of coastal energy.