Sonia Moran

About Sonia Moran

Sonia Moran is an Artist and Researcher based in Leeds (UK) and currently a Masters student in Fine Art at The University of Leeds. She graduated from Leeds Arts University in 2018 and was the runner up in the Kenneth Armitage Young Sculptor prize.

Her practice amalgamates poetry, song, performance, craft, moving image and sculptural bodies. She creates works that document the transformation of materials, using domestic craft-based practices to explore the ritualistic nature of witchcraft and how this can be utilised to form language around personal trauma. She researches into archival material to dissect the catalytic effects of the European witch trials of the early modern period and how it still echoes today.

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Rituals and witches

Sonia uses the ritual of making to explore how witches act as gatekeepers to altered consciousness, having been feared and sought after for their affiliation to the ‘unknown’. She uses her practice to give voice to the figures in history that have been left voiceless. Her methodologies include exploring the holes in the archives (the voices of the persecuted were never documented) and using that space to stitch her own account into it- combining the real and imagined. She makes layered narrative works which sit upon the boarder of written, performed and crafted.

Rituals are highly efficient vehicles for accessing and containing intense emotions evoked by traumatic experience. By exploring the therapeutic purposes and effects of rituals to compartmentalize the review of trauma and provide symbolic enactments of transformation.

Rituals of Making