Steven Wood

About Steven Wood

Steven Wood is an artist studying at Sheffield Hallam, working in sculpture, film, clay, wire, foam, steel, and plaster, reflecting, and distorting the hidden nature of the materials. He is driven by a desire to unzip internal expression and creativity whilst feeding an addiction to art. Like a writer who would write a novel or script, he tells a story of a journey in sculpture, using materials to represent the narrative and empathetic ambience of the artwork. He uses images that appear in his subconsciousness relating to emotions, feelings, or an event, to influence his research. He produces 3D sculptures portraying a unique world for the viewer that often avoids direct links to reality.

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He has just finished creating a selection of sculptures, titled ‘Unresolved Identity’. The work was selected for display in The National Craft and Design Exhibition, Sleaford, Lincolnshire, and at Sunny Bank Mills for Ones to Watch 2021. These sculptures signify repressed emotions that do not mirror our true being and consider that our outward projection is only a placebo of our inner sanctum. When we shield ourselves with a cloak of illusion masking our internal deluge, onlookers reflect with cognitive dissonance. The work covers a broad spectrum of today’s society. The figures examine the relationship between our mind, body, and emotions and how that transpires to everyone. We do not always see other’s reality, as their mind has dressed to disguise the stark nakedness of their circumstances. The obscured enigma of the sculptures is beyond the eye, like the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

This year Steven is planning to take up studying a Master’s in Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam, whilst continuing with exhibitions, competitions and the production of a bronze limited-edition series from ‘Unresolved Identity’.