Will Hudson

About Will Hudson

Will Hudson is an award-winning Product and Furniture designer from Sheffield. He graduated with honours from Sheffield Hallam Institute of Arts in 2019.

HUD is a self-driven studio that Will uses as an outlet to create his own pieces and experiment with extremely functional but minimal products, with always a focus on sustainability and recycling.

Will has won numerous awards, including; ‘Best in Show 2019’ – SH Institute of Arts and the ‘High Achievement Award’ – Chartered society of Designers. At New Designers 2019, Will was given acknowledgements by JosephJoseph, Made.com and MIX Colour Trend. He was then awarded the 2019 Young Designer of the Year by Argos/Sainsbury’s Home.

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The CAST range is about celebrating the natural imperfections of the metal casting process and applying that to functional home accessories.

The mirror itself is shaped to be perfect for portrait viewing. The cast aluminium hook displays your necklaces, and the tray shows off smaller pieces. The cast elements are unique with every purchase, each having marbled imperfections that highly complement perfectly finished jewellery.


The SCAFF LIGHTS are made from recycled scaffolding tube in Sheffield. Scaffolding is used on pretty much every building site on the planet, but once the tube gets slightly bent or has a small fracture then it goes to the scrapyard. Here is another way of adding value rather than melting down. Scaffolding tube has a dense wall thickness because of its main purpose, which also makes it perfect for weighed lights.

PLANK is a sustainable and minimal shelf range. Made from a minimal amount of materials and designed to be flatpack for ease of shipping.