Raw Edge

9th July - 28th August 2022

Raw Edge brings together the multidisciplinary work of members of the Yorkshire Sculptors Group as they explore and respond to the notion of boundaries and raw edges.   

This vivid exploration of materiality finds the artists drawing upon and engaging with both traditional materials such as wood, stone and ceramics, as well as found objects and repurposed materials, through a variety of processes and methods, from the traditional to the digital, in order to examine and interrogate the complex boundaries that stem from the relationships between objects, societies and the human condition.  

Sunny Bank Mills’ history as a textile mill is also drawn upon widely in this exhibition, as artists such as Victoria Ferrand Scott and Linda Thompson interrogate the textile industry’s conflicts with femininity, process, and tradition.  

Reflecting on the notion of ‘the edge’, the work in this thought-provoking exhibition engages with the omnifarious boundaries inherent to the human experience: political borders; the perimeters of the female experience; the tensions of colonial legacy; the borderline between industrialisation and the natural world.

Opening times: Tuesday-Saturday 10-4, Sunday 12-4. Closed on Mondays.


The Artists