Carole Griffiths

Carole Griffiths is a sculptor in practice and a full-time lecturer at Bradford School of Art. She studied sculpture at Wimbledon School of Art and received her MA through Leeds Metropolitan University.

She is also a member of two collaborative groups: The Unlocked Collective, which focuses on reactions to historical surroundings and archival content, and the Yorkshire Sculptors Group, which promotes their work through exhibitions addressing contemporary themes. Griffiths is a Ph.D. candidate in the Visual Arts at Coventry University, working on Sculptural Reconfigurations of the Kitchen Utensil: A Poetic Chaos of Domesticity.

Her work depicts an open dialogue of object displacement and its uses, which feeds autobiographical depictions of her own domestic circumstances and echoes through narratives and introspective descriptions of production. The observed kitchen utensil sculptures emphasise the pleasures of making through a poetic reflection of both the method and the content, allowing the observer to perceive and depict the peculiar and intricate relationship between things, subjects, and words.

Mangled’ is a work that combines sketches and words of layered concepts created over a 5-year period of making, pondering, and preparing work relating to the poetics of domestic disorder.

A Mangled Life

Lays Flat along the Open Paths,

Where Bled Lead Lines

Warp the Wefts of

Mangled Moments Made

These Blended Burdens Bend

Through Sketches Swell

With Raw Repairs Revealed

Remembered, Tested, Taut.