Victoria Ferrand Scott

Reading about the history of Sunny Bank Mills, Ferrand Scott was fascinated by the words used to describe the various processes that took place over the last two centuries, from the woollen scribbling and fulling mill to the worsted spinning and weaving. She went on to read about drying cloth by hanging on tenterhooks and raising nap through the use of teasels.

The artist has allowed teasles to seed in her garden, so that she can admire their capacity to grow to 6 or 8 foot and yet withstand strong winds. As a sculptor Ferrand Scott finds herself collecting sculptural objects which interest her, either as inspiration for form or for their association. She has been interested to realise how many of these old bits and pieces have textile associations. This has led her to assemble them into small sculptures which take on their own stories.

Born in Essex and brought up in Hampshire, Ferrand Scott has lived all her adult life in Yorkshire, the county of her Ferrand ancestors. They lived in the West Riding, Skipton, Bingley, Bradford and Leeds and were involved in the wool trade.

“I’ve long had a fascination with the teasel plant for its very sculptural flower head and hooked leaves.”