Jane Burnley

Jane Burnley

Jane Burnley is a contemporary artist and jewellery maker who lives and works in North Yorkshire.

​She turned to painting in the late 90s and exhibited for the first time in 1998 at the Leeds Arts Fair.

Her main inspiration comes from colour and landscape, colour being the driving motivation.

“I paint quickly allowing the painting to emerge and develop – I never have a plan; I see where it takes me.  Sometimes, the painting happens quickly, other times I struggle and get angry. I very often completely paint over what I have done; this sometimes works, but not always. I usually leave the painting in our living area, where I see it every day and often this shows up where I would makes changes or not. Sometimes, it might only be a very slight alteration, which resolves it.

I know a painting is finished, when, if after leaving it for some time (usually weeks or months) I still like it and my eyes rest on the painting and don’t move round the image ‘looking for something’ and a feeling of contentment comes to me, I then know the painting is finished.”

Jane burnley