Jane Dennis

Jane Dennis

Jane Dennis studied a BA in Glass and Ceramics at the University of Sunderland where she focused on both Cast glass and Ceramics. She is based in Richmond, North Yorkshire.

Getting outside is good for the soul, celebrating the human and the marks people make on the world. Finding beauty in the ordinary, questioning attitudes and fears and connecting people to their environment. People watching and capturing details from nature and surroundings inspire her work, exploring a range of ideas that are coherent about how we cope with the pace of life and methods to escape and reflect.

She works outdoors where possible, sketching from life to capture movement, expressions and body language co-existing with nature. 

Jane’s conceptual work often takes on the form of an installation. She enjoys model making and uses this as a tool to refine large scale installations, often experimenting with a range of media such as concrete, wood and rubber choosing the best materials to convey a concept clearly.

Although the subject of Jane’s work is often quite sensitive, the work’s aim is to make you smile and reflect.

In my practice as a conceptual artist, I take influence from the world that surrounds me. Through my art I like to capture the beauty of people. Different mediums allow me to express different ideas.