Val Emmerson

Val Emmerson

Val Emmerson worked as a nurse and a midwife over 20 years before focusing on her art & textile practice.

She briefly had a small weave workshop before moving to Hong Kong with her family. There she produced artwork for the Friends of Samaritans.

Today she mainly paints, although her textile background is never forgotten. She always enjoys experimenting with new ideas, using collage, stitching (using her great grandmothers hand sewing machine), stapling, and creating surfaces which are often used for her paintings.

Her work includes landscape patterns seen fleetingly, whilst travelling by train or plane, just on-the-move.

“I keep the sewing rough, no attempts to be tidy, fastening pieces of fabric, saved from my past, painted bits from old canvases of mine and any bits around at the time, holding bits of life together.”

Val emmerson