Mending Rooms

High quality office accommodation

Fully refurbished office space with bare feature stone walls, exposed beams and columns.

The Mending Rooms have the following specification: 

  • Wet heating system. 
  • Raised floor with carpet tile finish 
  • Data Cabling to perimeter RJ45 sockets 
  • High quality common toilet facilities & kitchenette 
  • Sunny Bank Mills pure fibre internet and telephony 
  • Monitored CCTV security 
  • Parking on site 

History Fact! The Mending Rooms were built in 1830 for the Menders; ladies who would mending the worsted wool cloth as it came out of the weaving sheds next door 

Currently Available Spaces

We currently have two units available:


1,555 sq ft

UNIT 21:

1308 sq ft


Contact our agents for enquiries

Sarah Jayne Lishman - Dove Haigh Phillips
Clem McDowell - JLL