21 Mending Rooms -1308 sq. ft.

The award winning Mending Rooms are fully refurbished office spaces with bare feature stone walls, exposed beams and columns. 8 atmospheric business spaces set over three floors house everything from architects to sports therapists to photographers. 

21 Mending Rooms has one of the best views over Sunny Bank Mills, securely positioned on the top floor with a modern passenger lift to get you there.


Air conditioning system

9 large double glazed windows 

High ceilings with exposed painted beams 

Raised floor with carpet tile finish  

Floor boxes with power and date sockets  

Own kitchenette  

Mens and ladies shared toilets with one other tenant 

Door access control 

Modern passenger lift 

Sunny Bank Mills pure fibre internet available

History fact

The Mending Rooms were built in 1830 for the Menders; ladies who would mending the worsted wool cloth as it came out of the weaving sheds next door.  

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Sarah Jayne Lishman - Dove Haigh Phillips