The Festoon Rooms

Fully refurbished office space

Fully refurbished office space with high ceilings, exposed roof beams and sandblasted red brick walls.

The Festoon Rooms have the following specification:

  • Wet heating system.
  • Raised floor with carpet tile finish
  • Office specification LED lighting
  • Data Cabling to perimeter RJ45 sockets
  • High quality toilet facilities & kitchenette
  • Sunny Bank Mills pure fibre internet and telephony
  • Monitored CCTV security
  • Parking on site

History fact! This collection of buildings should really be called the Shrinking Rooms, as it was here that the wool cloth was shrunk to the correct width. Damp wool cloth was hung out on very large racks in “festoons”, then heat from steam pipes would shrink the cloth as it dried.

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