Drawn from the Land

22nd January to 13th March 2022

An exhibition by artists whose work is inspired by and evolves from the land.

The artists investigate our ecosystem with work that ranges from the familiarity and beauty of our everyday surroundings to the impact of man on the environment.

Print, painting, film, ceramics, film and installation all feature in work that ranges from the beautiful to the provocative. What each artist has in common is an affinity to their subject matter and the ability to consider and depict not only what they see before them but a sense of the precious and sometimes fleeting nature of it. The subject matter of the work is both familiar and evocative but also thought provoking in its examination of the details of the landscape from which it is drawn.

Featuring work from Kim Coley, Oonagh Corr, Alice Fox, Rosamund Jones Emerson Mayes, Sonia Moran, Vicky Oldfield, Des Pattison, Bridget Tempest, Nel Whatmore, Anna Whitehouse

the artists

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