Bridget Tempest

Bridget Tempest was born in Africa. She studied at The Ruskin School of Art, Oxford and later earned her MA at Camberwell School of Art. She ran a programme of Cultural Dialogue with Turkmenistan from 2000 – 2007 and set up a department for Stone Lithography at the State Art Academy in Ashgabat during that time.

“My prints engage with reproduction, process and accident, resulting in unique pieces built up over time and finished with the direct intervention of the artist’s hand as drawing. These monoprints are thus mixed media works on paper in which print predominates.”

“I spend the winter months when the trees are bare, drawing onto a big copper etching plate in a particular place in the wood near where I live. Slowly drawing every day means I can find the rhythms and harmonies in the complex arrangement of trees, branches and undergrowth which make up woodland.

Back in the studio, working from drawings, I use monoprint (which is a direct way of working with coloured printing ink) to re-present different versions of the moorland, different seasons, different times of the day. Sometimes I will use the large etched woodland plates to offset trees into the landscape. These prints are unique pieces in which I have used print processes to construct the image over a period of time.”


“Nature, landscape, our place within it and its place within us, is my subject.”