Rosamund Jones

Rosamund Jones is an artist and printmaker based in Nidderdale. She spends hours in the countryside and on the moors creating a ‘dictionary’ in a watercolour notebook to reference when creating her plates. The watercolour notes are Jones’ way of capturing the feeling and atmosphere of a setting, which may otherwise be lost by just using a camera.

In her studio, the copper plates are covered in beeswax. After drawing into the wax with a sharp metal point, exposing the copper, the plate is immersed in acid. The lines are then hand-filled with various etching inks, and the surface is wiped clean. The print is taken on Jones’ American combination press, which has printed all of her work for the last 40 years.

Her love of drawing started as a child, after developing tuberculosis and being placed in isolation. The fir tree outside her window became a menagerie of imaginary birds and cockerels, that she drew constantly to keep herself going. This deeply imprinted Jones’ love of drawing and nature.


“A day without drawing is not complete for me. The challenge is to transfer what I see, on to a copper plate, and achieve a translation of the moment.”