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January 15th, 2021

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We have had some brilliant news to cheer us up in these hard times.  The Sunny Bank Mills Archive has achieved Accreditation through the West Yorkshire Archive Service.  This is great news for the Archive and the collection.  It means we are striving to a standard of care for the collection and the continued determination to preserve and keep accessible this unique West Yorkshire textile collection.  With the help and support of our wonderful volunteer team.

The Archive collection and stories are unique to West Yorkshire.  They are still housed in the Mill buildings were the fine worsted cloth was produced.  The collection is the heart and the history of the mill and part of the local communities heritage.

  From the people who worked here

to the beautifully skilled cloth they produced.

Thanks must go to the hard work of our dedicated and passionate volunteers.  Who without their work and support this accreditation would not have been achieved.  Thanks also to the help and continued support of West Yorkshire Archive Service in helping to make this possible.  Special thanks to Anna.

Onwards and upwards and perhaps a little bit of hope and light in these difficult times.

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