August Gallery Exhibition – “Beginnings”

July 24th, 2013

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The “Beginnings” exhibition, which runs from Thursday 1st August 2013 to Sunday 1st September 2013 introduces the work of the three artists who will be exploring the heritage of the mill over the next few months. Des Patttison, our artist in residence, experiments with mixed media as a way to draw attention to the picture surface and the part played by our individual perception in reading a picture. The landscapes featured in this exhibition reflect elements of his journey to the Mill and his interest in techniques and processes

Pat Harvey’s interest is in the material world and how we re-experience it through artistic expression. Her focus in this exhibition is the landscape of cloth as she examines where and how the process of making cloth begins.

Pete Harvey’s interest in the captured glimpses f the every day. In this instance his photographs present those glimpses through windows, documenting them as both frames and objects, recording and sharing aspects of places that may have been overlooked and presenting a glimpse of a moment in time.
Private View: Sunday 11th August 2pm – 4pm meet the artist and join us to share some tea and cake.
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