Billy Gaunt

August 28th, 2021

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In the corridor leading to the Archive, there is a wonderful painting by Mel Davies inspired by the life and time of W C Gaunt or Billy Gaunt as he was better known.  W C Gaunt was a multi-millionaire and mill owner of Sunny Bank Mills from 1917 – 1929.  Billy Gaunt was a colourful character and spent most of his life living in the Savoy in London.  He did however own a couple of farms in Yorkshire.  This painting was inspired by the stories around Billy’s farming and mill-owning days.  Can you spot the farming reference to this clocking-off-inspired painting of the workers leaving the Mill after a hard day working at Sunny Bank Mills?

Mel Davies has a new exhibition opening on the 28th August called Seasonal Adjustment to find out more on our website

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