Breathing New Life into ‘Empty Spaces’

May 30th, 2013

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‘Empty Spaces’ is the latest exhibition at Sunny Bank Mills Gallery, Farsley between Leeds and Bradford. These historic mills ceased worsted wool manufacture in 2008 but have found new life as a centre for commerce and the arts. The show runs from 1 June until the end of the month and features work by local artists Clare Lane and Jane Foale. Gallery Manager, Jane Kay, brought Jane and Clare together because of their shared passion for industrial settings, particularly those where industry has declined or moved on. Clare Lane uses photography and stitchwork to create stunning contemporary tapestries whilst Jane Foale exploits a variety of techniques inspired by geology and historic mining practices. Both artists have exhibited extensively in the UK and overseas. ‘Working with Sunny Bank is a delight’ says Clare, ‘ the exhibition space is large, bright and airy and the mill is the perfect venue for the kind of work Jane and I make’.

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