Calm before the storm…

July 11th, 2019

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Thoughts from Judith on her 5th week of work placement with us at Sunny Bank Mills! “This week is an exciting one at the Gallery. The quiet before storm, as Alice put it. Surely, some might find ‘storm’ to be much more exciting than ‘quiet,’ but in Dutch we even have a word for the excitement of anticipation. It’s called ‘voorpret,’ it literally translates to ‘pre-fun,’ and it’s exactly what I’m experiencing as package upon package arrives at the gallery and is stacked one on top of the other, unopened. Like presents under a Christmas tree. These packages contain the works for the coming exhibition by the 62 Group of textile artists. Within the theme of the exhibition’s title ‘Construct’ each of the artists has created a piece. Though the appearances remain a mystery a little while longer, the titles and descriptions have already been gathered. They incite a flurry of thoughts and inspiration. What might be inside? Next week the opening of the presents will begin. Unlike the gallery’s usual modus operandi, it will be The 62 Group itself that will select work from the submissions. In just three days the Gallery will transform from a canvas of collage into a textile showcase, followed on Saturday 20 July by the grand opening. Hopefully we’ll be seeing you then to come and have a look at the oh-so-mysterious contents of all these packages!” #workplacement #textiles #62group

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