Darklight to illuminate Sunny Bank Mills

February 28th, 2017

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The fastest Internet technology in the world is being installed at the award-winning Sunny Bank Mills complex at Farsley in West Yorkshire. John and William Gaunt, the joint managing directors of the historic mills, where YTV’s Emmerdale and Heartbeat were filmed, have hired Bradford-based Internet service provider Exa Networks to revolutionise their Internet service. John Gaunt commented: “While Sunny Bank Mills is steeped in history, we are now home to many cutting edge new digital and hi-tech companies, who depend on a fast Internet service for the success of their businesses. It is our duty to provide that service for them. “We were fortunate that Exa Networks are our near neighbours in Bradford. Exa has steadily built a reputation as an expert in its industry since it was founded 14 years ago and is now highly proficient at providing businesses with the most effective Internet services possible,” said Mr Gaunt. Mark Cowgill of Exa explained: “We have developed ExaBGP, a network tool used by some of the largest companies in the world – including Facebook, Microsoft and Google – and SurfProtect, a content filtering service used by thousands of schools every day. “But we believe our latest product is our most exciting yet. This is DarkLight – a dark fibre connection delivered by a network that is capable of achieving speeds of over 2,500,000Mbps. It is DarkLight which is being installed at Sunny Bank Mills. “DarkLight has been made possible through our recent partnership with London-based digital infrastructure provider CityFibre. It has opened up a new world of digital possibilities for businesses in Yorkshire. This pure fibre connection is not limited by the traditional constraints of restricted bandwidth capacity or third party network infrastructure. “As a result, a business will never have to install a new, higher capacity line, or assess if its connectivity technology is still suitable. Should they increase employee number, their use of cloud services or rich media, the size of their downloads, uploads, or anything at all, their connection can be adjusted within minutes to provide the bandwidth increase they need; on both a temporary or permanent basis. Mark Cowgill added: “We’re really excited to be able to bring this world class internet service to Sunny Bank Mills and, indeed, to other businesses throughout the region. In the same way that broadband transformed what was achievable following dial-up, DarkLight can truly revolutionise what a company is capable of.” Companies at Sunny Bank Mills will be able to either rent a line directly from Exa Networks, through their delivery partner LDD Group or for smaller users, buy capacity from the Sunny Bank Mills Estate connection. Packages are be launched now in anticipation of the arrival of the fibre at the end of Match 2017.        

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