Farsley SpringBank Junior School Visit

September 17th, 2012

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We have just over 60 year 4 children from Farsley Springbank Junior School discovering how wool was made in the Sunny Bank Mills Archive. We gave them a little talk on the processes that went on at the mill and let them have a go at weaving, getting their hands on the cloth and using all the old bits and pieces. They had a chance to explore some of the hidden old rooms in the mill and learnt what they would have been doing at the mill in the 1870’s (working!) Their enthusiam was infectious and they seemed to enjoy being able to  have a go at typing at an old typewriter and chucking around some cloth, rather than having to look at it through a glass case. And they liked the “free” Sunny Bank Mills pens, a lot. “I Learnt long ago instead of computers they yoosed typewriters. Thank-you for letting us look around and have a go with everything. And thank you for the free pens. And there was very intrestin stuf at your mills.” (a thank-you letter from Maisie. We got great ones from Sarsh and Megan too!) The children then did some amazing work at school and put on an impressive exhibition at the school showing off all their knowledge.  It was great for us to see the Archive in use and we look forward to seeing other local schools too..
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