Mechanics and pressure gauges

May 5th, 2021

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Although the Mill has not been able to keep the large machinery that was used in the manufacture of the cloth we have got a few of the vital elements and mechanical parts that would have been used in the Mill.  The mechanic’s department would have been an important area of the Mill.  To create the fine worsted suiting the looms and machinery must be kept in tip-top condition.

As you can see from this large spanner the machinery and the tools were on a large scale.  In fact, the skilled mechanics would have had to adapt machinery and equipment creating bespoke items to deal with individual and sometimes unique machines used in the Mill.


This image shows the press that was at Sunny Bank Mills.   It was their secret weapon to get the shine on their cloth.  A unique selling point of the cloth produced here.  In fact, all textile mills would have their own secrets to keep ahead of the competition.  With the number of textile mills in West Yorkshire at the time, you had to be ahead of the competition to survive.

In a walk around the Old Mechanics, new gauges were discovered adding to the Archive collection.


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