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July 4th, 2019

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Hi everyone! I’m Judith: 23, Dutch, and a student of Textile Craft and Design.

During the summer I’ll be spending some time at Sunny Bank Mills on a work experience placement. I’ll be working both with the Archive and with the Gallery, gaining insights into their inner workings, and developing a taste for the exciting worlds of both.

One foot in the historic, the other in the contemporary, I’ve been feeling rather at home here these past two weeks. I am interested mostly in the meeting ground of art and craftsmanship, of the mundanely used and the artistically elevated, but also in the countless different perspectives that can be experienced by people.

In both the gallery and the archive the unique experience of the individual – whether as a mill worker from the past, a visitor today, or an artist interacting with a viewer through their work – is what stands out to me.

The past two and a half weeks, I’ve only just been getting familiar with the Mill. For the remainder of my time here, I’ll be posting about whichever interesting things I may come across while working here. There’s much more to explore, and I hope that if you’re interested, you’ll come and share my experiences. Either at the archive or the gallery, or upon my recommendation: definitely both! #volunteer #workplacement#artgalleryleeds #textilearchive #textilestudent #artvolunteering #heritage

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