Murat Ozkasim’s “Indecisive Moments” exhibition at Sunny Bank Mills Gallery

February 19th, 2013

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Phantom city auras haunt Murat Özkasim’s “Indecisive Moments” exhibition presented here, for the first time. With subtle deftness Özkasim joins a painterly gesture with the lucid smoothness of photography.

Emancipating himself from the historical authority of “correct” methods, Özkasim throws aside the straight jacket of established photographic technique. Wielding his camera with the haptic quality of the paintbrush, Özkasim flips over the ideas of photographic representation and painting gestures so that their categories of distinction can appear to coalesce together. Murat Ozkasim is a fashion, editorial and advertising photographer with a background in fine art photography. He has been based in the UK at his studio in Sunny Bank Mills for the past 8 years. As a photographer, his practice reflects his deep interest in inter cultural harmony. He has widely exhibited in the UK and abroad. Murat’s photographs have appeared in and on the covers of magazines and books internationally. The exhibition runs from Monday 25th March to Friday 12th April 2013 and is open from 9-4pm.
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