Ones to Watch! artist profiles: Jake Mullins

March 7th, 2017

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Throughout the current Ones to Watch! show we will be introducing the work of the Ones to Watch artists and makers.. We absolutely love the work of Jake Mullins in Ones to Watch! Jake is a painter intrigued by the contrast between organic forms in nature and man-made objects of everyday life. Adopting a technique of using masking tape stencils, Mullins seeks to create abstracted compositions and still life pieces taking inspiration from Home Style magazines to find an aesthetic that communicates the idea of ‘good taste’ and modern design. His work uses motifs such as potted plants to suggest sophistication and wealth, providing the ultimate example of the contemporary home containing no visible clutter that is usually found in the domestic space. Bold colours and superimposed shapes depict a stylized approach and are a key element to his work. With a heavy influence towards nature, his paintings explore how he deals with the juxtaposition of modern living and the outside world. Note the red spot in the current exhibition…congratulations Jake!

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