Rag Rugging

Our Gallery Assistant Sonia has been rag rugging in lockdown!

April 30th, 2020

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Crafty lockdown activity #1

Have you had a big sort out of your wardrobe? Seeing as charity shops are closed at the minute, I’ve got the perfect quarantine craft for your unwanted items. Rag Rugging! It’s a great task for those who (like me) need to keep their hands busy!

Here’s what you will need:

Hessian (any material with a loose weft, preferably overlock the edges to stop fraying)

Pointy tool

Old clothes (slightly stretchy cotton works well such as t-shirt, but be creative as you wish)


Step 1

Cut up you clothes into 1½ inch strips and then cut them down to about 3 inches, essentially you want a rectangle. If you want to you can draw out a pattern onto your hessian, but I prefer to mix all the colours.

Step 2

Starting at the centre of your hessian sheet and working outwards. Grab your pointy tool, I have a specific rag rug wooden poker. But a blunt pencil would also do the trick. poke your first hole

Step 3

Poke one end of one scrap of material through the hole and pull slightly through the back.

Step 4

Poke another hole next to the one you just made, poke the opposite end of the scrap fabric down the hole you just made, and pull through the back.

Step 5

Turn the rug shaggy side up, trim and ruffle as necessary.

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