Seeing the Mill through a lense.

November 17th, 2012

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We invited over 30 talented photographers from Exposure Leeds around some of the more atmospheric (ie dirty and derelict!) areas of Sunny Bank Mills recently. It was fascinating to see the mill through their eyes – where I saw a dirty damp wall in need of a paint, they could see the beauty in its dirt and dampness and turn it into a stunning image! It was also an invaluable opportunity for us to document the mill at this point in time in light of the regeneration that is going on (in fact it was a sober reminder of how much there is to do!) We spent a good few hours accessing normally inaccessible areas..the phrase herding cats does spring to mind. In fact, there may well be some photographers still in the old boiler house taking pictures… Thank-you Si Cliff for organizing the event and to all the photographers for making the images accessible on To learn more about Exposure Leeds Photographic Society see or read another account of the event on
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