Springbank Year 5 WW1 workshop display

January 8th, 2020

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We had a busy few weeks at the end of 2019 with school workshops.  Springbank Primary, Farsley Year 5 came for workshops to explore life in Farsley during World War One and the different industries that were involved in the war effort. They learned about the khaki cloth production here at Sunny Bank Mills and learned about the other local industry of wicker manufacture which was very important at the front during the war producing wicker baskets for the hot air balloons that were used as look outs. The children have created their own hot air balloons and also created their own medals and sweet heart brooches after examining real medals and brooches in the Archive. A display of their work is now open in the Archive corridor, Red Lane Mill Monday to Friday 10am till 4pm until February 14th. Thanks to Springbank Primary, Year 5 and Irene Lofthouse.

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