Stocking Machine

February 10th, 2021

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The stocking machine was invented in 1589 producing a stocking stitch. Knitted fabrics are constructed by the interlocking of a series of loops made from one or more yarns, with each row of loops caught into the previous row; the stocking frame allowed the production of a complete row of loops at one time. The modern knitting industry, with its highly sophisticated machinery, has grown from this simple device.

In the Archive, this invention was used to knit a sample of yarn to check the dye colour.  This was a far cheaper way of checking the yarn dye than setting up a whole loom.  Our stocking machine is not complete.  It would be great to get it back working so if you are a stocking machine enthusiast.   I would love to hear from you.  Then maybe we can produce stocking samples again.

Please contact me on [email protected] if you can offer any advice.

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