Superfast Broadband’ arrives at Sunny Bank Mills

April 10th, 2013

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We recently made a small but significant jump closer to superfast fibre broadband at Sunny Bank Mills. The Estate office took part in the “Fibre To The Cabinet” trial with our provider (Plusnet) and saw our speeds jump from a paltry 12.2mpbs upload / 0.9mbps upload to a much better 43mbps download & 11mbps upload. This has been made possible through the pulling of fibre cable from telephone exchange in Stanningly (which is now “accepting orders”) to a cabinet adjacent to the Post Office on Farsley Town Street. Whilst this does mean we now meet the government Broadband Delivery UK Office’s definition of ‘Superfast Broadband’ (24mbps or higher download) we will continue to push to see if we can get up to the 80/20 mbps speeds that the providers claim and let you know how we get on!

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