The Looms at Sunny Bank Mills

June 20th, 2016

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All action at Sunny Bank Mills the looms are coming back to life.  Thanks to the wonderful work of Sarah and her great assistants.  The handloom in the Archive is being set up, the warp is now being threaded through the  loom and hopefully we will see it in action soon.

Also the loom in the Art Studio’s in the Spinning Mill has started to make some noise and the wonderful volunteers from the Archive have had the privilege to be the first to have a go under the watchful eye of Agnis.  Thanks’ to her great teaching and patience we all really enjoyed the experience to get up close and personal.  It really made you aware of  the skill needed to work a loom and the noise created by one handloom gave you a little understanding of the horrendous amount of noise a whole room of looms would have created.

The Archive volunteer group had a go at weaving on the loom and discovered that a weavers job was very physical and noisy work.

We also had a go at winding the bobbin for the shuttle.

The red weave marks the Archive’s efforts on the loom, a rather neat job for a first attempt!  If you are interested to find out more why not come and have a go on the  handloom in the Art Studio’s in the Spinning Mill and the come and find out about our new discoveries in the Archive on 25th June as part of Farsley Community Weekend between 11am and 4pm.

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