The Mill enjoys Farsely festival 2014

May 27th, 2014

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All the frontage car parks at the mill were given over to the farsley Festival 2014 for the day. Street food, music, art and children filled the spaces including our very own Mill Kitchen announcing their opening on 5th June with a stall offerring their delicious food. The gallery opened its doors offering a change of pace, a chance to see the wonderful Archive exhibition, the mastyerplan boards for the developement at Sunny Bank Mills and a well earned cup of tea. A fantastic day up and down the street and a great vote of thanks to all involved for all the hardwork to make it happen. Sunny Bank Mills Gallery and Farsely Festival funded various commissions at the mill throughout the day inluding Ryan Smith & Josie Chapel from Leeds College of Art. click on his his blog below to se how it turned out!

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