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October 28th, 2020

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We caught up with Charlotte Morrison to find out about her work!

Can you tell us a little about the work you are exhibiting in The Potential of Pattern?

My ceramics for ‘The Potential of Pattern’ exhibition are from my ‘Map’ & ‘Field’ collections. These are groups of work, which are influenced by map symbols, markings & field systems. I’m particularly influenced by locations in the Yorkshire Dales & North York Moors.

How does pattern inform/inspire your work?

For me patterns & markings from; the landscape, nature & maps are what inspire me. For example, with my ‘Field’ collection I’m drawn to the ‘patchwork’ characteristics of field systems. I use their shapes & patterns as a starting point to create abstract pattern which are filled with vibrant colours & bold markings to decorate my ceramic forms.

What is the process involved in making your work?

All my work is slab-built using porcelain clay. I use formers & hump moulds to form the clay around/over to create my ceramic vessels shapes. I decorate my ceramics using mainly underglazes & slips, applying these mediums in various techniques such as scrafitto & inlay.

What does a typical day look like for you in the studio? (or not!?)

My ‘work day’ varies day-to-day, week-to-week. I wish I could say I had a set routine, but with another part time job, teaching, being a co-organiser for a craft event and looking after my elderly father I have to be very flexible with my time.

Describe your studio – where is it /what do you have in it/ is it tidy?

Currently I’m between studios. My old studio is at my father’s house with the kilns, but due to the pandemic & lockdown I have been working more from my own home. I’m now currently adapting our garage to hopefully begin working from there this winter.  My studios are never the biggest (or the tidiest) & I always work with what I’ve got, but with creating smaller decorative/domestic work it seems to work ok.

The countryside inspires your work-  How so?

The landscape around me is my main source of inspiration. I’ve always live in quite rural areas, surrounded by the beautiful Yorkshire landscape, which I’ve loved exploring and walking in since quite a young age. When out walking I enjoy photographing & collecting items from, nature & the landscape. With my ceramics, I want to transfer both what I see & collect from these experiences, into imagery & pattern to decorate my work.

How do you find a balance between making work that is functional and decorative – do you see your work as being functional or not?

I would generally class my work as functional yet decorative. If possible, I like to create work that is both, as I feel both features are important to me, my work & my audience.

What’s next?!

Currently I’m preparing orders for the winter season & getting ready for winter shows which are mainly now online.


Find out more about the exhibition here.

Charlotte will also be one of our Christmas Market stallholders this year!

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