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April 29th, 2020

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The hard work of the volunteers continues

My wonderful volunteers usually meet every Wednesday morning and help with a vast array of tasks from inventory, preservation of the collection, research, school workshops and events.  They are invaluable in the running and preservation of our unique textile collection.

The highlight of a Wednesday, which I am sure my volunteers would agree is the tea break.  A nice cuppa and biscuits and a good chat.

Sadly in these strange times like many archives and museums we cannot meet for our regular volunteer sessions.  I miss their company and valuable input into the collection and the upkeep of the archive.  As many of us begin to work from home the use of technology is becoming the norm.  I must confess I am not the best with technology preferring the heritage and stories of people and objects but even I am slowly getting to grips with some elements in this technological and social media world.

So, the Archive has gone virtual and so have my volunteers.  There are many jobs in the Archive that can be done at home from inventory listing of the collection, transcribing oral histories to research of people and events that relate to the rich textile heritage of Sunny Bank Mills Archive.  So, although we are not in the Archive in person we are still hard at work from our dining room tables and spare rooms.  Perhaps this will also open up new opportunities in the future for a virtual group of volunteers to help with the Archive who may not otherwise get the chance to volunteer.

So, thank you volunteers for all your continued work it is much appreciated.  I do however look forward to seeing my volunteer group back in the Archive at some point.  In the mean time I’ll get the tea bags and biscuits ready for their return.

If you think you might be interested in volunteering in the future please contact me at [email protected]

Rachel, Sunny Bank Mills Archive Curator

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