Sarah Harris


Sarah’s work consists of limited-edition screen prints that are an interpretation of our landscapes, mainly focusing on Yorkshire. Produced in her Leeds studio using original pen drawings to form the basis of the pieces, they show locations in a way that has been influenced by her memory and connections with these places.

In the screen printing process, each layer of colour is individually applied by pushing ink on to paper through a mesh screen using a squeegee, this creates flat blocks of colour which are layered on top of each other to create an image.  Harris has developed an approach which creates contrast and depth alongside an often limited colour palette that allows the linework from her drawings to lead the eye through the space.

The connection between both manmade and natural elements that are entwined into the scenery is a reoccurring fascination in the artist’s work, an unavoidable collaboration that makes the landscape as we know it, from the moorlands to the fields.  Prints will often include the wire fence, the streetlight or the power lines, as these are intrinsic to the landscape and have become even more important to our lives over these recent times.