Seanna Doonan


Seanna Doonan studied illustration at the University of Huddersfield and holds a Masters in Authorial Illustration from the University of Falmouth. Based in Wakefield, she specialises in mural art and illustration and her passion lies in the creation of historical and socio-political pieces.

Through illustrating mining heritage and communities of the north, Seanna was invited to exhibit her work at The Hepworth Wakefield to coincide with the Bill Brandt and Henry Moore exhibition. Since then, her work has been featured in the Guardian, Observer and The Yorkshire Post Magazine.

Coming from a family of folk musicians, Seanna grew up listening to and singing songs about mining, the miner’s strike and other historical and social struggles. From an early age, these folk songs painted a vivid picture of working class issues throughout history while reflecting the highlights and hardships of everyday life. It is these stories and experiences which form the basis for much of Seanna’s work.

Seanna’s process often begins with a story, photo, or memory, which forms an initial sketch. The illustrations develop using pen and ink which lead onto a process of experimentation using print, paint and digital colour.

Drawing on direct experiences, Seanna observes and illustrates an honest image of life, heavily influenced by her own roots and community. Seanna’s aims is to reflect the lives of ordinary people, whilst evoking a sense of nostalgia and providing a platform for social comment.