Lee Mok Yee

About Lee Mok yee

Lee Mok Yee is a Malaysian visual artist born in Klang, a port town near the capital city, Kuala Lumpur, where he currently lives and works. A graduate of first the Dasein Academy of Art and later from the Fine Art program at the Middlesex University of London, Mok Yee is an artist whose work is primarily concerned with the entanglement between the conceptual and the material.


I like to explore different materials in my practice. When making sculpture, we are building an object from nothing to something, and I really enjoy the hand-making and labouring in that process. Through sculpture, I am able to understand about the background, and history of the materials, which is really important in my work.

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His work is process-focused and often interrogative of the aspect of ‘materials’ in art-making, choosing to work with ready-made or store-bought objects. Mok Yee re-arranges these materials as an act of interrogation against uniformity; pushing against the boundaries of function in mass-production, and in the re/arranging he questions the idea of moving within structures as an exploration of change and its futilities.