Meet the Sunny Bank Mills team

Small, friendly, focused; passionate about the mill and its heritage; we talk lots, work hard, make things happen, and eat lunch together regularly.

With a complementary skill set that ranges from project management, accounting, marketing, weaving, cooking and D.I.Y., we collaborate daily to create spaces for business, culture and community.


Joint Managing Director

As likely to be found in overalls tinkering with a loom, identifying Victorian underground pipes or fiddling with bits of old machinery as in his office. William keeps an eye on the numbers as well as Jane (and the rest of the team) and managing all things mill with John.

William Gaunt


Joint Managing Director

Often found up a ladder with bunting or heaving A Boards round the mill at events, John oversees signs and technology as well as running the mill generally with William. A firm believer in the value of being nice in business, John is committed to supporting the mill business community. Not to be left alone near a biscuit jar.

John Gaunt



Never happier than when surrounded by mill artefacts, Rachel looks after our archive and its lovely volunteers. Comes out into the daylight for meetings (and food).

Rachel Moaby


Arts Director

Chief washer-upper, Jane programmes and curates our arts and events, plays in the shop and makes the cakes for the tearoom.  Ideas generator and self-confessed control freak, she is unable to resist a pot of paint.  More organised than she appears (honest).

Jane Kay

fiona gell

marketing and engagement officer

New to the team, Fiona’s challenge is to market the mill in all its glory ensuring that the Gallery, Archive and Creative Spaces and their tenants all get an equal voice. That’s no mean feat! Fiona has a background in marketing, events, heritage, archives and libraries. Her passion is supporting literature in Leeds and she is never happier than when she is talking to writers or helping them organise a book launch. She is a founder partner of Leeds Lit Fest.

Fiona Gell at Sunny Bank Mills, Yorkshire.


arts programme and engagement assistant

Sonia is most often to be found in the Gallery helping in its day to day running, assisting customers and making it all look beautiful. She’s a whizz at community engagement workshops and is keen to further develop our arts engagement programme. Sonia has recently graduated from the University of Leeds with an M.A. in Fine Art. Her artistic practice is a melting pot of poetry, song, performance, costume, textiles, and moving image  informed by the ritualistic nature of Witchcraft and the effect of transformation on materials. She’s a little obsessed with mushrooms too!

Sonia Moran at Sunny Bank Mills, Yorkshire.

natalie kolowiecki

Gallery Assistant